Trapped Outside The Den

Imagine for a moment that you are not Dragons. Instead, you are 28 year old entrepreneur, Dave Murphy. You created a series of online, virtual escape rooms for your girlfriends birthday... these escape rooms have now turned into a business that has turned over more than £160,000 in just 4 months. 

You've come to Dragons Den to pitch an exciting investment opportunity in your business - Trapped In The Web. 

One problem, you've locked yourself out of The Den. After wondering off, you've come back to find the door to the den locked with a 5-letter combination lock. 

You don't know the code. You look through the doors window where you can see the lift up to The Den. Opposite the lift are the 5 portraits of the dragons... perhaps there's a clue in these portraits to help you decipher the 5-letter code? 

What 5-letter code will get you through the door? 

Hint: If you're pitching to the Dragons, you should be on first name terms...

Caps lock on for this one. 

If you get it wrong, just hit the cross in the top right corner to come back to this page.