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Out of Hours

You and your team have been sent to an office building out of hours to investigate the dodgy dealings of a rogue CEO. Solve the puzzles to gather the evidence!

Escape Fest

Covid-19 cancelled your festival this summer? Don't worry, Escape Fest is here! You wake up outside your tent with no memory of the night before... can you find all your stuff and unlock your tent before you miss your favourite band?

School's Out

Nobody want's to stay in school longer than they have to. After being accidentally locked in to the school after the reunion, you must solve the puzzles to break out!

Space Race

Trapped on a damaged space station with no gravity and no power. Can you escape before the oxygen runs out?!

Cabin Fever

You wake up on a cruise ship as the only passengers. Solve the puzzles to make your way through the ship and get yourself back on dry land!

A Night at the Theatre

A performance that will be getting some terrible reviews. No cast, no crew, just you and your team trapped in a theatre. Solve the puzzles to escape!

Lockdown Breakout

Locked in a "ShareBnb" by a very paranoid host. You're a key worker and desperate to get out of the house... one problem... you're locked in! This is our most immersive room yet, can you break out?