What is it?

Escape with your mates from the comfort of your own home! We're all bored of the video chat quizzes by now, aren't we? Why not play a series of online, virtual escape rooms solo or in teams from anywhere in the world! 

The rooms are text based and use pictures and videos as clues to help you solve the puzzles. It's not a boring, linear, read and click game though - these puzzles are tough and you have to navigate back and forth through the rooms to find the right clues to solve the puzzles and get you to the next section!

How does it work? 

Assemble your team, either over video chat, text message group or gathered round the same screen. Once you're ready, hit go and make your way through the virtual escape rooms, solving puzzles to escape! 

Once you purchase, you get immediately redirected to the room on the site. If you're playing later, there's no time limit on it so just bookmark the page and you can come back any time

As for gameplay, there’s a few different methods people have tried. The easiest option is to purchase one room pass per device so you can all view and navigate on your own screens.


However, it’s still perfectly doable by screen sharing on a video call! This way, the purchaser is the only one that controls the navigation of the room and your team help you do crack the puzzles over the video chat - looking at the clues via screen share!


Either way, I’d recommend saving the “clue” pictures and sharing them with your team over WhatsApp or something so you can refer back to them whenever you need them!

What device can I play on?

The game is optimised for mobile devices but some devices do struggle with the formatting. If you ever see a blank white screen, just scroll up and you'll find the rest of the room at the top of the page. 

How big can my team be?


There's no limit on numbers but I'd recommend teams of 2-8 players as any more than that, your video chats get a bit hard to manage. The game doesn't have an in-built video chat so it's up to you how you choose to communicate with your team. The room is all text based so can handle as many players as you would like!

How long does it last?

Depending on your teams skill level and knack for solving puzzles, each escape room should provide 1-2 hours worth of fun! Some users have taken up to three hours to solve these rooms. If you're not sure on which difficulty level to start with, I'd suggest giving School's Out, Lockdown Breakout or Cabin Fever a go first!