Our escape journey

It may be hard to believe but these escape rooms started life as a birthday present that got out of hand! My girlfriend Vicky is an incredibly social person who has a very close bond with her friends and family. Her Birthday is in May and our plan was to see all her friends and family before heading off to Amsterdam for a surprise trip but obviously lockdown put a stop to all our plans.


Vicky was understandably gutted to be spending her 28th birthday in our flat without seeing her nearest and dearest so I knew I needed to come up with something... and so Trapped In The Web's first rooms were born! 

After already spending a month in lockdown, I knew that everybody was bored of quizzes so I needed a new idea. That's when it clicked... I could build some virtual escape rooms on Google Forms and have her friends and family compete against one another to escape! 

I got to work building the first room and absolutely loved it! I had so much fun coming up with different puzzles and building a room that took the player on a journey that wasn't linear - I loved playing on the challenge of the back-and-forth nature of the form to make the game more interesting, the last thing I wanted was for it to come out like a 1980's "choose your own adventure" game!

The first four rooms were all full of in-jokes and references to Vicky that her friends and family would enjoy. All the rooms were themed around things that Vicky loves (Theatre and cruise ships) or things from her life (her office and her old school).


I built Zoom meeting ID's into the game and had all the teams log in to that Zoom chat once they completed their room. Completing the rooms would get all the teams into the video chat where they would then help Vicky do a miniature escape room around our flat as a sort of "grand finale". I have later found out that her friends and family were expecting me to propose at the end of the escape room so I think I let them all down by not dropping to one knee! 

After playing, everybody involved said that I needed to share these rooms with the world so here we are! I removed all the in-jokes and personal references from the rooms and they became my first four online escape rooms; Cabin Fever, A Night At The Theatre, School's Out and Out Of Hours. I still love making these rooms so I'm constantly designing new ones. Over the last month I've added Space Race, Lockdown Breakout and Escape Fest to the roster! 

I was totally overwhelmed by how popular these rooms became but I'm so glad that people are enjoying them and am exceptionally pleased that this little project has become a small part of easing peoples lockdown blues!